The Club is now the AV CLUB

We are going back to high school with the new club changes. I thought the AV CLUB name was fitting since this is a community about all things audio and visual. The latest updates to the site as of 1/6/2022 are as follows: New Logo and overall designAdded the ability to upload photos (videos will... Read more

Project B-roll

January's assignment is Project B-roll. Winner gets a hat of his or her choice. Post your video's here: Project B-roll Here is a great article from SoundStripe on what exactly B-roll is: What Is B-Roll, Exactly? And How Should You Use It? Deadline for this project is Monday, January 24, 2022 at Midnight CST. We... Read more

December’s Winner is Steve and Drones!!

Congratulations to Steve and Drones for winning December's Project Metal assignment. Steve will recieve the Flying Six Blades hat that he chose pictured here. He will also recieve a virtual Badge an his AV CLUB profile (), as well as a special Verified icon (). Here was the final scores: If you missed the submission... Read more